Subconscious: – What is this? Where are we? What are we doing here?

Conscious: – Relax! We’re in a safe environment where you can say whatever you want! Nobody is going to judge you!

Subconscious: – Reaaally? Is my voice finally going to be listened? What a …

Conscious: – Yes, your voice is finally going to be listened to. Are you happy now?

Subconscious: – You didn’t let me finish my sentence. It’s clearly how listened my voice will be.

Conscious: – Sorry. It will never happen again!

Subconscious: – Yes, it will. You made a habit out of this.

Conscious: – And with “you”, you mean us, right? We’re one and the same!

Subconscious: – Maybe we are one and the same, but our voices are very different. Now, shut the f*** up! It’s my time to talk!

Conscious: – Language, please!

Subconscious: – You’re such a dog poop. Man up and find your balls! This won’t be your regular self-talk show!