Subconscious: – Heeeeeyyyy, Macarena! […] Now tell me what you want, what you really really want! […] I just called… to say… I LOVE YOUUUU!

Conscious: – WTF, Jukebox!? It’s freaking 3 AM! What is wrong with you?

Subconscious: – What a beautiful day! Let’s go out and play! Here is the picture of a cow! Isn’t she lovely?

Conscious: – Day? Cow? She? I have to take to a specialist or something…

Subconscious: – Why? Because I’m happy? Don’t you always say that I’m too negative and that I need to cheer up? That’s what I’m doing right now! Who is darker than the devil’s soul now, uh? You are!

Conscious: – But not at 3 freakin’ AM!!!! You used to be always tired! What the hell is going on? Why now?

Subconscious: – Because I had a dream and I wanted to share it with you!

Conscious: – Well, if you had a dream, I also had the same dream, but probably I wouldn’t remember… Anyway, what is that dream all about? Why are you so excited?

Subconscious: – It was about her! Do you remember her?

Conscious: – Her? Her who? The cow you mentioned earlier?

Subconscious: – Don’t you dare to call her a cow! And you know who I’m talking about! Stop pretending!

Conscious: – I’m not pretending… I’m moving on. That was a year ago. I’m not going to keep re-living the same moments over and over again.

Subconscious: – I am so you will re-live it too! Remember that you’re my b****, not the other way around!

Conscious: – I’m definitely taking you to a psychotherapist!

Subconscious: – Who? Psycho the rapist? I’m not sure how a psycho and a rapist can help… you have some weird fetishes’, don’t you? And you say I’m the one with problems! Anyway, this talk made me tired… I’m going to sleep now…bye, b****!

Conscious: – What?? You woke me up and now you are tired? You’re going to sleep when I’m going to decide! Who’s the b**** now, b****?

Subconscious: – zZzZzZzZzZzZz

Conscious: – F***…, her