Conscious: – Hey, bro, are you awake?

Subconscious (pausing the cat videos): – “Bro”? You never called me “bro” before… What do you want?

Conscious: – I need money making ideas so put that entire cognitive analytical machine I’m not aware of to work!

Subconscious: – Half of the words you just said make no sense for me. Don’t you think that if I had any moneymaking ideas you would know? Unlike you, I’m not that selfish!

Conscious: – You’re useless! You’re in control of so much power and all you do is simultaneously watch 10 videos…

Subconscious: – I don’t know what sty-mul-anus means, but I’m sure I’m not doing it! figure it out for yourself and let me know. You brag about being in charge! Act like someone in charge!

Conscious: – Ok! I command you to find a moneymaking idea asap!

Subconscious (putting headphones on): – You keep using fancy words, but it makes no difference. You might think you’re in charge, but I’m not listening to you!

Conscious (bagging the head against the wall): – You jerk!

Subconscious: – WTF was that?! An earthquake? Everything trembled! Too many cat videos for today… they got me addicted to the point I feel shaky…