Subconscious: – Wazzzaaap? Whatcha doin’?

Conscious: – Working. What do you want?

Subconscious: – I have that idea you asked me for! Wanna hear it?

Conscious: – Yes! Let’s hear it!

Subconscious: – Okay! So you first need to go do an expensive health insurance and then find a nice car and jump in front of it, then sue the driver for a fortune! Easy money!

Conscious: – Really? Are you fu***** serious right now? What is the matter with you? You retard!

Subconscious: – Why are you insulting me? It’s a great idea! Others do that too, you know? Why don’t you like money?

Conscious: – This has nothing to do with money! I’m not going to jeopardize our life for this. And it’s a very stupid idea!

Subconscious: – You’re stupid, not the idea. Why do you say it’s a bad idea?

Conscious: – Well, first of all, harming other people for many is just pure evil. Secondly, we’re probably going to die and money are not more important than life itself. And thirdly, the whole purpose of this life is to help others, not to harm them. Come up with something productive if you want to help, not with crap like that.

Subconscious: – Money are THE most important thing in this world, plus, we would be fine. You need to go around the room to find your balls. There is that saying No Pain, No Gain! This is why the saying exist! Anyway, our life is not valuable…

Conscious: – Do you have a death wish or something? You have no self-esteem, do you? I guess that’s why you came up with such dumb ideas. Remember that life is beautiful! That’s what all these books say! Oh, and that saying has nothing to do with your scenario!

Subconscious: – “Life is beautiful”??? No, life sucks! You don’t even believe yourself when you say that life is beautiful. Stop reading all those self-help books. They’re useless!

Conscious: – Nope, you’re useless and this conversation is too! The books help! Byyeeeee! I’m ignooooring youuuu! Let’s write something in that f****** diary!

Subconscious: – F****** diary? You have no f****** so why do you have a diary for that? Oooooh, it’s to whine about the lack of it… got it! Enjoy yourself! You know you do!

Conscious: – No, seriously! Shut the f*** up! We’re done here!

Subconscious: – Already??? That’s why there is no f***** for you… Plus, you’re ugly!

Conscious: – Uh? We’re one and the same… so many frustrations in such a small body…