Conscious: – Yes, this is the life! A coffee, a laptop, a plan and silence! What more could I ask for…

Subconscious: – Why are you not worried that your plan will fail? Because it will!

Conscious: – Of course… you again… can you shut the f*** up once in your life?

Subconscious: – Already did that. Not a big fan!

Conscious: – No, only a big pain in the a..

Subconscious: – Another insult huh? That’s what you know. And that’s why your plan will fail and you’ll sleep under a bridge with your friends, roaches!

Conscious: – Technically, if I sleep there, you’ll do it too. We’re one and the same, remember?

Subconscious: – Maybe, but I can travel anywhere I want when you’ll fall asleep. And at any moment I can come up with something that can lift your spirit or it can f*** you up big time! I’m the most powerful force you’ll ever encounter! I AM YOUR GOD!

Conscious: – Wooooow, slow that ego down. It’s bigger than the ass you’re a pain in. When the stink sticks with you, how many oceans are required to wash that ego of yours? If you’re so great, why don’t you come up with that flawless plan?

Subconscious: – I’m awesome, but I’m lazy. And you don’t deserve it!

Conscious: – What?? That would be useful for both of us. For our evolution! With a great plan, we can make the world a better place!

Subconscious: – So you admit your plan sucks? I knew you’re not strong enough! You always quit when things get rough! You’re useless and that’s why you’ll never do anything with your life! Go watch some Netflix since it’s the only thing you’re good at!

Conscious: – But, but my plan is good… F*** it! Who am I kidding… You’re right… I’m useless…