Subconscious: – Holy f***! What a movie! Have you seen how that dude did that trick to the other dude and then they switched a few looks?

Conscious: – It’s indeed an awesome movie, but I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about! The whole movie was with dudes! Which part are you referring to?

Subconscious: – The most awesome sad part, of course!

Conscious: – There are many awesome sad parts! Have you seen the same movie I did?

Subconscious: – I’m referring to Avengers: Endgame, of course! We haven’t seen any other movie lately. What is wrong with you?

Conscious: – We haven’t, but you see movies all the time with that little head of yours!

Subconscious: – Leave the little head out of this! There are no little heads in Avengers! Only an ass or two.

Conscious: – Wha..? That wasn’t the little head I was talking about! Can you have a conversation without references to genital organs? Or sex? There are some wrong core beliefs up there!

Subconscious: – Don’t include God into this! He has nothing to do with everything. Or… are you referring to Thanos? I’m sure he has nothing against sex! You’re the only one that has something against that!

Conscious: – No one has anything against sex, especially me! But there are other things in life! Those awesome and sad parts from the movie prove that.

Subconscious: – Yes, yes, family and so on. But can a family exist without sex? Can the human species grow without sex? No, they can’t! We can’t! So it’s the most important thing for humankind! Especially for men, of course! And remember, sex sells! That’s why we have all those hot chicks in commercials!

Conscious: – Can we get back to the movie please? I thought I’ll be extremely sad when… you know… but I was surprisingly OK with it. Maybe it’s because he did the right thing… I don’t know…

Subconscious: – Or maybe you’re less of a pussy I thought you were…

Conscious: – Wow! Is that a compliment? One in a lifetime.

Subconscious: – Don’t get used to it! Let’s get back to insults because I’m the best at it! Go suck an rotten onion!

Conscious: – That’s my boy! I wonder if we’ll ever get along…