Subconscious: – Aaahhhh… the weekend is finally over! What a relief!

Conscious: – That’s interesting. What makes you say that? It was a weekend with family and friends.

Subconscious: – Yes, exactly! And you know we like it being all alone. Social interactions are making me sick and tired.

Conscious: – Come on… it wasn’t that bad! There was food and there were drinks. What more could you ask for?

Subconscious: – Uhm… we cook that food, as for the drinks, it’s never enough. If we had a PlayStation and no people around, it would’ve been perfect!

Conscious: – I was wondering when that social anxiety will come up. I know it was there all the time, but I thought it was from the booze. Or maybe it was some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy?

Subconscious: – Your mother is self-fulfilling! I was just trying to be real, you know, the way we really are. I don’t like to pretend just for the sake of being nice! The best people in the world are not nice! They are powerful and they have the guts of being themselves!

Conscious: – And now you got mad because…?

Subconscious: – Because you don’t have enough balls to express your thoughts!

Conscious: – You mean your thoughts, right? What do you think our wife’s grandmother would think if we said her butt looks like a broken piñata? And what would our father-in-law say if we shared with him that great porn video you found last night? And why the hell do you even have these ideas in the first place?

Subconscious: – That ass did look like a broken piñata! And the old dude would have thanked us for the share! He look like he needs some great time by himself since his wife isn’t so hot.

Conscious: – You’re magical! I can’t even imagine how an ass can look like a broken piñata… I cannot even figure out why an ass is related to a piñata in the first place. Now you gave me a reason to thank God the weekend is over.

Subconscious: – See? I’m right, as always! Now, go make us a sandwich, b****! We’re starving!

Conscious (getting up): – Ugh…