Conscious: – I’ll become the best blogger in the world!!!!

Subconscious: – Have you been sniffing catnip again? Chill! You’re one thousand posts away of being an average one! Just imagine how much work does it take to get to a decent blogger. Stop playing with words. You will get disappointed!

Conscious: – F*** off! I’ll do it without you! I don’t need your opinion!

Subconscious: You think? Who gives you writing ideas? I have higher chances of becoming a decent blogger. Why do you want to be a blogger anyway? Your ideas are meh and your execution sucks. That’s not how great bloggers do!

Conscious: – That’s not how they do it now, but they started at some point, didn’t they? No one was born with knowledge.

Subconscious: – Oooohh… that’s why you listen to so many motivational videos and you read books. Too bad you still suck.

Conscious: – “Too bad you suck!” Do you know any other insults? This one got old. And if I suck, it’s because of you. Aren’t you in charge of ideas? That’s what you said two minutes ago.

Subconscious: – And I brought ideas! That’s why this blog exists!

Conscious: – What? This blog exists because I gave you a voice! Never forget that!

Subconscious: – And who do you think “inspired” you to give me a voice? It’s me! It was and it will always be ME! You keep forgetting that you’re my b****. Maybe some sort of tattoo will keep your memory up to date.

I 8— U

Conscious: – Of course you have some penis reference. By the way, that’s too generous for you. Remove the magnifying glass for a more accurate view.

Subconscious: – At least I have one!

Conscious: – What? A magnifying glass? I have one too! Check out your behind.

Subconscious: – Ha ha! Funny! Leave me alone now. Bye!

Conscious: – I don’t know how do you manage to kill my good mood every time. You really have some weird ideas. We need to get those out. Where is Freud when we need him?!