Subconscious: – I’m tired! Let’s go home!

Conscious: – Not yet! We’re not done here!

Subconscious: – But we’ve been working for… 7 + 7 – 2… 12 hours now! You’re crazy! Let’s go home! We haven’t work so hard since we had that diarrhea two months ago, remember?

Conscious: – I honestly cannot realize why you even exist. How are those two situations compared?

Subconscious: – I’m talking about the effort, dude! We’ve put in that toilet as much effort as we put in this working day!

Conscious: – That doesn’t make any sense! You’re broken, dude.

Subconscious: – If I’m broke, you are too!

Conscious: – BROKEN, not BROKE! “Broken” as in “out of order”. Although… you’re not wrong here…

Subconscious: – Your head is broken from so many hours of work today! LET”S GO HOME! I already missed all my favorite TV shows! I don’t wanna miss my mind too!

Conscious: – You don’t have a mind, you ARE a mind! I’m still stuck at that diarrhea thing. I cannot see the relevance of it. Am I losing my mind?

Subconscious: – You will if we don’t go home soon! I can’t take this anymore! I’ll leave you!

Conscious: – That’s interesting! How are you going to do that?

Subconscious: – Let’s just say that it involves some kind of hospital. Can we leave now? I’m not gonna ask you again! I’ll just leave!

Conscious: – I thought you already left. I guess there really were too many hours of work today…